What is Central California Pets Alive?

Central California Pets Alive is a small, vocal grassroots effort to educate and advocate for saving every homeless pet in Central California, starting with a focus on Stockton, by implementing the No Kill Equation. Practically speaking, that has meant advocating for reform of the Stockton pound. We do that in two ways:

  1. By calling attention to what’s wrong. That means knowing what the law requires and what has worked to save every possible animal in many communities and consistently shining a light on how Stockton’s pound is breaking the law and not acting to save animals; and
  2. By educating about and advocating for the No Kill Equation, which now works in dozens of communities that save more than 90% of all animals–not only those that are immediately adoptable, but also those that can be treated for medical or behavioral issues.

And even though our “mission” is systemic reform, we’ve also done a few direct rescues, mainly of sick and injured dogs that would have been killed without our help, like Gracie, Xena, Siouxsie, and Fiona.

Gracie did not receive any veterinary care while in the Stockton pound, even though she was listed as injured and California state law requires injured animals be treated.

Within a few weeks, Gracie was healthy, spayed, and adopted to a local family.

Xena and Siouxsie were kennelmates at the Stockton pound, probably simply because they both had demodex. Neither received any treatment while there, and they would have been killed if we hadn’t rescued them. A couple months of treatment and foster care and they are ready to be adopted!

Fiona’s another puppy with severe demodex (non-contagious mange) who didn’t receive any treatment while at the Stockton pound. She, too, would have been killed if not rescued.

Fiona’s foster family has since adopted her.

Fiona’s recovering, and she and her “brother” love each other!

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