This is your “shelter” on Pat Claerbout

Chief Jones and Stockton leaders:

The attached photos show examples of criminal animal cruelty happening now at Stockton Animal Services, even as your investigation wends its way through the bureaucracy. Animal control officers and shelter staff are required to get injured animals to a veterinarian, but apparently one of these dogs (A189171, with the neck injury) has been in the kennels with no veterinary care, while the other (A189114) has an eye injury that has apparently received no treatment and a third there now (A189170) has many apparent bite wounds and has also apparently received no treatment. In two cases, there is what seems to be an attempt by Stockton Animal Services staff to hide the injuries, in one case by not posting a photo and in the other with a towel or something around the wound.
It is a violation of state law, Penal Code Section 597, to withhold veterinary care from an injured animal. I expect you to intervene immediately to make sure these animals are not killed and are provided veterinary care and given the chance to be adopted.
That Stockton Animal Services staff under the leadership of Pat Claerbout continues to violate the law even as we await the results of the Stockton PD investigation tells me they don’t believe they will ever be required to follow the law. I hope you will prove them wrong immediately.
Eileen McFall

One has an open neck wound, the other an injured eye. Apparently neither has received any veterinary care, in violation of animal cruelty laws.

You can see the eye injury in this photo of A189114 at Stockton Animal Services

A189171. It looks like someone tried to hide the fact that he’s injured before tossing him in a kennel.

A189170, another who seems to have received no veterinary care. He looks like someone has been chewing on him, and there is no photo on Petharbor.

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9 Responses to This is your “shelter” on Pat Claerbout

  1. Jillian says:

    All of the people involved in this atrocity need to be fired and then arrested!!! They have NO business being around animals, let alone being in charge of their fate!!!! We NEED better animal protection laws! and I do not mean bring that bunch of fanatical idiots PETA in this, then it will really be screwed up!!! What is wrong with the people in this country???? Were they REALLY THAT successful at dumbing down America??? Did they not only dumb Americans down but also stripped us of our Humanity???SOMEONE GET IN THERE AND STOP THIS!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    That is awful, I couldn’t even imagine such horror. Please help these animals and make this facility comply with the law. Shame on them!

  3. Paola says:

    Complete unfair

  4. Kerry says:


  5. Debbie Bassett says:


  6. limerobin says:

    If you look closely, there are stitches visible on the first chihuahua’s neck wounds. I am curious where these came from. Is there any proof other than these photos that no veterinary care is being provided?

    • I’ve been told that this dog was dropped off at Stockton Animal Services by a veterinarian after the owners did not come back. That’s illegal (see California Civil Code Section 1834.5 and 1834.6). Once in the pound, we have been told he got no pain medication or antibiotics and was placed where his bedding was soaked by the hoses cleaning the kennels.

    • This dog was apparently dropped off at the pound by a veterinarian (or staff of the practice) after the owner did not return for him. That’s illegal, but the Stockton pound accepted him, put him in the general population, and did not provide any further care. After rescue he spent a week in another veterinary hospital being treated for the infection he developed. Limerobin, are you local to Stockton? Have you ever been to the pound? If not, please go see for yourself. You will see dogs up front in the adoptables area with treatment notes on their kennel cards and vials of antibiotics–not many, but some, because the vets who volunteer focus on them. In the back, if you can get past the locked steel door to the stray hold area, you’ll also see sick and injured dogs, but those will not have treatment notes or meds attached to their kennels. In every case where I have seen a sick or injured dog back there and requested its record through the California Public Records Act, the dog had not received any treatment.

  7. Viv says:

    If you are a shelter, you need to take responsibility for all animals that you take in. Animals do not ask for much and at least we should be giving them what they need to survive in these horrible shelters.

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