Stockton Animal Services going private as a high-kill shelter?

I do not know if this is true, but I just heard that everyone at super high-kill Stockton, CA Animal Services got layoff notices and that the shelter is being privatized. I hope director Pat Claerbout is included in those being laid off, and that the city is not turning over animal services to pro-kill Animal Protection League (with whom it has a no-bid contract and which has proposed a continuing high-kill plan for it) or San Francisco SPCA, as I’ve had messages from the co-president of the SF SPCA, Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, wanting to let me know about their “intent” and “plans.”

This does not sound like a plan to operate lawfully but rather like a plan to move animal services out of the realm of public scrutiny. Furthermore, this was on the agenda of the Stockton City Council two weeks ago as a “non-voting item,” so if it has been approved that was done in secret just before an election that could have changed the course of action.

PLEASE join me in letting Stockton’s leaders know that more high-kill leadership, and moving animal services out of public scrutiny, is not acceptable! We want the No Kill Equation in Stockton and they are not going to have any peace as long as they keep killing!

Copy and paste the following list into your email:,,,,,,,,,

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