Dogs are hard to adopt out, and cats are nearly impossible…

“Dogs are hard to adopt out, she said, and cats are nearly impossible, so most all of them are destined to be put down,” said Pat Claerbout in October 2011.* A year later, nothing much has changed, even though a Stockton PD investigation found unlawful practices and the police department announced it was making changes to animal services. You can make people follow the letter of the law, if you supervise them closely enough (which Stockton doesn’t), but there does not seem to be anything that will make Pat Claerbout follow the spirit of a law that values lifesaving over killing.

Here are the Petharbor listings for Stockton cats for noon on November 16, 2012. There are 112 cats listed. A few hours earlier, the count was 122, and since the pound opens at noon, the most likely explanation for the reduction is that Pat Claerbout’s leadership produced 10 dead cat bodies as well as some number of dogs to be disposed of as toxic waste today. Disposing of animals killed by injection of Fatal Plus is expensive, while adoptions bring in revenue. But hey, adoptions are haaaaaaaarrrrrrd. Even with the great photos and engaging profiles of cats and kittens, like those below, people just don’t want to adopt cats! Stockton’s doing all it can to promote adoptions–can’t you tell?

With enticing photos and great marketing like this, who wouldn’t want to leave work early to get to the shelter before they close at 5:00 and walk past the stench of the dead body bin to adopt one of these adorable kitties?

While stories of open-admission shelters achieving the 90% save rate widely accepted as “No Kill” abound, Stockton sticks with the high-kill mentality and tired old excuses.


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