Kill those puppies! It’s the “humane” thing to do, says SF SPCA director of shelter medicine Kate Kuzminski

In November, the city of Stockton signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the San Francisco SPCA. The emails between San Francisco SPCA and Stockton go back at least to January of 2012, continue throughout the Stockton Police Department investigation and multiple news stories about unlawful practices at Stockton Animal Services under Pat Claerbout, and never mention any concerns about Stockton breaking the law, withholding veterinary care, or killing thousands of animals unnecessarily. In fact, SF SPCA messages are full of sympathy and praise for Pat Claerbout, whose employment history is riddled with charges of the same illegal practices she uses in Stockton.

But SF SPCA doesn’t just sympathize. It offers support for even more killing!

From an email message to Pat Claerbout October 26, 2012, obtained through a public records request, “I know the [rescue] group wants the puppies, but I think it is a much more humane decision, as well as more in tune with population management, to spay those near term dogs than to let them whelp in the shelter…or in a new home.”

kill the puppies

It’s more humane to kill puppies than to let the mother dog give birth in the shelter or in a new home??? 

Almost every day lately I am reminded that conventional sheltering is an Orwellian world, but do the SF SPCA’s donors, those people whose charitable contributions add up to $25 million a year, know what the SF SPCA means when it uses the word “humane”? This is what the SF SPCA website says about Interim Director of Shelter Medicine Dr. Kate Kuzminski:

“As Interim Director of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Kuzminski is committed to ensuring a safe, short passage for animals that pass through our doors and strengthening community partnerships that increase accessibility to veterinary care.”

I guess that short passage through the shelter is just as likely to be to a dead barrel as to a new home. Vagueness is the SF SPCA fundraiser’s friend. Do those donors realize that the “humane” practices promoted by the director of shelter medicine include sticking needles in near term puppies to kill them, or letting them suffocate within a uterus that has been removed from the mother’s body?

When SF SPCA Co-president Dr. Jennifer Scarlett asked to meet with me but wouldn’t meet with anyone else, refused to answer specific questions, ignored a request for help with a sick pit bull in Stockton, and used only vague platitudes like “humane outcomes” instead of clearly defined terms like “adoption,” my bullshit detector kicked into overdrive. It’s had a lot of opportunities for refinement here in Stockton, and it looks like more time in proximity to the hypocrites of the San Francisco SPCA would send it into overdrive.


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One Response to Kill those puppies! It’s the “humane” thing to do, says SF SPCA director of shelter medicine Kate Kuzminski

  1. I certainly believe that is the most inhumane thing you can do to puppies, especially puppies that are almost to term. Not to mention these puppies had rescues that wanted them. Power hunger is at it’s worst when the lives of innocent babies are needlessly thrown away like they are yesterday’s trash. We want the general populace to be more humane to their pets, but how can they be realistically expected to be, when our governmental offices are so blatantly cruel and abusive.

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