I am furious at a rescue that is helping save lives!

I am pissed, angry, blood-boiling mad at PUP (People United for Pets) of Issaquah, Washington.

Before I tell you why I’m so mad at these people I don’t know personally, let me tell you a little about them and about Stockton Animal Services.

About PUP: PUP brings dogs from high-kill Stockton Animal Services to be adopted in the Seattle area. If you live near Seattle, I still want you to adopt from them. I want those lives to be saved. I’m happy for the dogs that get to live out natural lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest instead of gasping fetid air while Fatal Plus makes its way through their bloodstream and their eyes glaze over next to a pile of other dead bodies in the “euthanasia” room in the Stockton, California pound.

Siouxsie, whom I rescued from the Stockton pound, was adopted by a friend in Washington. I'm

Siouxsie, whom I rescued from the Stockton pound, was adopted by a friend in Washington.

About Stockton: Stockton Animal Services has been killing most healthy and treatable dogs and cats for a long time, but the situation got even worse when City Manager Bob Deis appointed notoriously pro-kill Pat Claerbout to the Stockton Animal Services director position. I’ve written about Claerbout elsewhere on this blog and the Central California Pets Alive Facebook page, so I won’t go into detail. To summarize, Claerbout has flouted state and local laws everywhere she’s been employed. We have clear and overwhelming evidence she is breaking the law and operating Stockton Animal Services as a slaughterhouse, killing animals even when they could be saved with just the tiniest amount of effort.

Stockton Animal Services didn't make even the tiniest effort to save Fiona. She was denied vet care and had to wait an extra two days for rescue because no one would authorize saving her life.

Stockton Animal Services didn’t make even the tiniest effort to save Fiona. She was denied vet care and had to wait an extra two days for rescue because no one would authorize saving her life. Fiona lives in Seattle now, too, adopted by a friend from my Olympic College days.

So how can I possibly be angry at people who are helping to save the lives of animals that have ended up in the Stockton pound? It makes no sense, does it? Well, along with rescuing Stockton dogs, PUP leaders and volunteers are also supporting Claerbout and blaming the Stockton public for the incredibly high kill rate at the Stockton pound, while refusing to acknowledge evidence of massive cruelty and unlawful killing. Let me offer an analogy that I hope will make my anger understandable.

Imagine a U.S. charity bringing North Korean orphans to new homes in the United States. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Of course you’d be happy for children who would be spared a life of starvation and deprivation in North Korea. You’d probably want to donate money to the charity, and if you were trying to adopt a child, you might go on a waiting list with such an altruistic charity rather than adopt from another agency.

Now imagine that U.S. charity goes on television to repeat the North Korean government’s press release about this wonderful program to save North Korean orphans whose parents were too lazy to work to feed them. Imagine spokespeople for the charity sing the praises of North Korea’s glorious leader and blame the country’s troubles on its uneducated, uncaring people. “It’s so unfortunate that so many children are starving in North Korea,” they say, “but Kim Jung Un is doing a terrific job in very difficult circumstances and we’re helping save those children’s lives. Prison camps? There are no prison camps. We work with Kim Jung Un and we know the facts. We don’t need to look at Google Earth photos. There are no prison camps.”

Of course, you’d see right through that propaganda because we have a commonly accepted body of knowledge about North Korea and we are fairly certain that even though it sounds completely insane that a nation’s leaders would starve and imprison their own people, even though we can’t fathom the evil motivation for such acts, it is happening. But without a common body of knowledge about the unlawful practices at Stockton Animal Services, the first inclination is to believe the rescue when they say that Stockton’s doing the best it can. Even though it’s a lie.

Sebastian's a big guy who, in this photo, looks like he just wants love. The next photo shows his mischievous side. Sebastian wants love, and fun, and adventure, and training, and a human buddy to do stuff with!

Sebastian was rescued from the Stockton pound because I happened to see him when I went to check on another dog. 80% of impounded pit bulls are held behind a locked door and then simply killed.

And that’s why I’m so mad at a rescue. I’m happy for every animal saved, but I’m furious that in the process of saving those dogs, PUP provides political cover for an outlaw agency that kills when it could be saving lives.

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3 Responses to I am furious at a rescue that is helping save lives!

  1. Gloria says:

    Thank you for educating me on the horriable things that go on there..

  2. When Pat Claerbout ran the Sacramento County Animal shelter she would come to work on Saturdays when there was nobody present and euthanize animals, dogs in particular. This is verifiable but was ignored by Stockton when she was hired. Obviously she hasn’t changed at all.

  3. Karen F says:

    Thank you for writing this. I have shared it in Seattle. As time goes on, I become more and more aware of the role traditional rescues play in reinforcing and perpetuating our cruel shelter system nationwide. From using shelter advisory committees to block reform, to failing to help dogs subject to BSL, to remaining silent in the face of obvious abuse and killing, to repeating false claims and openly expressing support for lethal shelter directors (as happened in this case), the traditionalists represent a serious impediment to change.

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