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“The Truth” and more of the truth

In my last post, I wrote about the San Francisco SPCA pressuring Animal Legal Defense Fund not to file suit against Stockton Animal Services and its supervisor, Pat Claerbout, for their unlawful practices. That pressure began in response to a … Continue reading

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Backroom deals and betrayal

It’s time to tell this story. After years of reform efforts on my part, and a year of pre-litigation advocacy with Animal Legal Defense Fund, we filed a lawsuit against Stockton Animal Services in March 2014. That much is public … Continue reading

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Stockton Animal Services: Claerbout and Beyond I don’t know how Pat Claerbout got hired in Stockton. Claerbout was infamous in Sacramento County for her poor management and terrible treatment of animals and people alike, and she was infamous before that … Continue reading

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History Lesson

Stockton Animal Services before Pat Claerbout With the public scrutiny and pressure of a pending lawsuit, Stockton has made some welcome changes in Animal Services operations. However, Stockton’s long history of poor management and unlawful practices demonstrates little or no understanding … Continue reading

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Improvements vs. Reforms: Why Stockton Animal Services needs systemic reform

It looks like things are getting better at Stockton Animal Services. There’s a new coat of paint in a little yard that was empty for years. It’s used by a few approved volunteers to take attractive photographs of adoptable dogs, … Continue reading

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The preference for killing shows through in every little choice

Who would choose to kill a treatable dog when there was someone who wanted to save him? Pat Claerbout and the high-kill Stockton pound, that’s who. On April 22, 2013, five months into the Memorandum of Understanding between Stockton and … Continue reading

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Stockton and SF SPCA Partnership Part 2: The Results

In mid-November the City of Stockton entered into an agreement with the San Francisco SPCA, the stated purpose of which was to improve humane outcomes for animals impounded in Stockton and to promote effectiveness and efficiency at the Stockton shelter. … Continue reading

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